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3 easy ways to refresh your kitchen without hiring a contractor

Modern kitchen with bubble pendant lights white quartz countertops and tile backsplash

Not all kitchen updates need a contractor or a total kitchen shutdown. Many require no demo day at all. Here are three easy updates you can tackle over a weekend. If you are willing to watch enough how-to videos, you can even tackle these all yourself.

Hardware: replace cabinet handles and pulls to update your look, Modern kitchen, handles in view

Certain styles, shapes and colors anchor your kitchen to a certain period. Does your kitchen feel like it should be Under the Tuscan Sun? May be it feels SO 2002. Replacing your handles and pulls requires nothing more than new hardware and a screw driver. Handles and pulls are high visibility and high touch - so you will literally feel the difference!

Measuring: Because you are replacing hardware and the cabinets are already drilled, make sure to measure the pulls before you buy replacements. You may need to remove a pull to get an accurate measurement.

Faucet: clean and leak free, a new kitchen face freshens and modernizes. Chrome kitchen faucet

With kitchen renovations you can replace everything and the kitchen sink. But you don't need to rip everything out. Really. Replace your kitchen faucet. You can find beautiful faucets at every price point.

To pull this off: The key is matching (and covering) the existing countertop cuts. If there is one hole, choose a faucet with the same.

Hint: you can do this in your bathrooms too.

Lighting: Lighting can date or modernize your space. Modern kitchen and dinning rom. Pendants and chandeliers/

Chandeliers and pendants can feel like little time machines with light bulbs. They are also easy to swap out. Your place will have a whole new look and feel with this simple update.

It is such a fun place to go bold and showcase your personal style. Personally, I have a penchant for ultra-modern light and hints of a space odyssey. I know it's not for everyone, but if we were to sell our home I know its an easy swap.

Hint: If you want to keep this simple, make sure to replace like for like. Check how many electrical connections there are before you purchase and measure dropdown from the ceiling to avoid returns.


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