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5 handy uses for painter's tape

Roll out the blue tape! Coming through. I always have it in my utility drawer.

Blue tape = painters tape.

I use it for (almost) everything. I do love new paint colors, but it's useful for so much more. Functional and removable, I always keep some handy.

Here are 5 great ways to put it to work in your household.

Size-up online furniture

We all buy so many things online now. But how big will that new couch feel in your space?

It is so hard to visualize how something will feel in a space.

Before you push "buy now" look at the furniture's measurements. Use the blue tape to outline the item on the floor. It will give you a quick visual to decide if it feels too big, to small, or just right for you, Goldilocks.

Layout artwork

Visual outlines work great on walls too. Use the blue tape to help you decide how big of a print you need, or see if a bookshelf feels tall enough.

Hang kids art temporarily

The volume of kids artwork is quite impressive. But what do you do with it? Not every piece is a framer...right? So use a little blue tape and enjoy for the short term.

Playing games

Make a racetrack for your kids. You can put it down on carpet of other floors. It's grand fun, you can go as big as you like, then peal it up when you're done.

Prep to paint!

Obviously, this is what the blue tape was meant for. But how convenient it serves so many additional purposes! Keep it handy.


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