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Go in search of that "this is it feeling"

Years ago I was on a business trip in Copenhagen. I love going places like grocery stores in foreign countries when I travel. They aren't at all touristy and they are like little windows into a country's culture. As I wondered up and down the cobble-stone streets on a cold November day, I stumbled upon a lighting and furniture store.

Search for a style that feels like home. I found mine in Copenhagen.

I stepped in from the cold and to a warm glow of dozens of chandeliers. Couldn't believe my eyes. Clean lines, bubble-lamps and blossoming geometric shapes were hung from the ceiling all over the store. I wanted to bring home a lamp, but it had a European plug.

I didn't realize I had been searching for something, but I realized in the moment I'd found it.

The shapes, patterns, textures and minimalist designs resonated and left me with the feeling, "This is it." There were no unnecessary embellishments. The chandeliers looked like sculptures that belonged in the museum of modern art.

My entire life I had been surrounded by other people's style. The Americana style I'd always been surrounded by felt familiar and comfortable, but was never mine. The artistry and clean lines of and neutral colors the furnishings in that Copenhagen store made me feel serene and at peace. It felt different.

Inside my home you'll find inspiration from that journey taken so long ago. Mid-century modern and Scandinavian inspired pieces are suspended over my kitchen island, and the fixture in my boys room is reminiscent of the Death Star.

Search for a style that feels like home. I found mine in Copenhagen.

About the author

Hey there neighbor, I'm Julie Bennett.

Hey neighbor, I'm Julie Bennett, founder of the Renovator's Toolkit. I'm a woman on a mission to make renovation easier for homeowners.  When you renovate for the first time,  you don't know what you don't know.  I am here to help you know what decisions to make and when so you can create your dream home.

I'm a homeowner turned renovator and a Seattle real estate agent. I'm a woman on a mission to make renovation easier. I had some "if I had only known" moments when renovating my homes. I started Renovator's Toolkit to help homeowners like you "know what you don't know."


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