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Your Pre-Renovation Checklist

Before you take the plunge & invest your time and money in a home renovation, tackle this checklist to make sure your plan makes sense.


It's in a great neighborhood.

Project goals

  • You know why you are doing this and who it is for.

  • Consider when or if you intend to sell in the near term.


Location is everything. Where is your home situated? Will you be able to realize the value of your improvements? Is it on a busy street or a quiet cup de sac?

Home value

Homes around you are worth more than your fixer upper.

Wish list

You've prioritized you wish list and really know what you want.

Window shopping

You've looked at what it would take to buy a move-in ready home in your desired location.

The math

You've consulted a realtor for a current market assessment (CMA) or had a recent formal appraisal. Ask for homes that will be comparable to your improved property.

Is renovating worth it?  Getting an appraisal or asking a realtor to compare you home's value to others in your neighborhood will provide important context before you tear down walls.

Remember that when you renovate your home, don't expect an immediate jump in value that exceeds what you put into it. Appreciation takes time.

This checklist will help you answer the question, "should I renovate or just move?"

About the author

Hey there neighbor, I'm Julie Bennett.

This is Julie Bennett, founder of the Renovator's Toolkit. She is on a mission to make renovation easier for homeowners.  When you renovate for the first time,  you don't know what you  don't know.  Julie is here to help you know what decisions to make and when so you can create your dream home.

I'm a homeowner turned renovator and a Seattle real estate agent. I'm a woman on a mission to make renovation easier. I had some "if I had only known" moments when renovating my homes. I started Renovator's Toolkit to help homeowners like you "know what you don't know."


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