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Renovation Principle #1

Some renovation mistakes are made the hard way. This lesson I learned tiling our bathroom was a near miss. Watch the video to learn my renovation principles.

Principle #1: Don't wing it!

You may be tempted to defer decisions, but instead of planing as you go, make decisions upfront.

Learn from my mistakes.

I chose large format tiles for the first floor bathroom shower. I hate cleaning grout lines so I love big tiles. These tiles also required more planning and skill to install beautifully.

The details matter.

When it was time to tile the bathroom shower, the geometry of the tile layout was un unexpected challenge and he came to me with a solution that worked better for him. The tiler came to me and suggested a vertical layout, but wasn't immediately convinced this was the look I was going for.

Do you see where I went wrong? On site, in the moment decisions were being suggested about how the designs would look. The tiler was skilled at installing tile, not at designing the layout. I was winging it and making decisions as I went.

What I should have done instead:

I should have had more detailed drawings and layouts specified in advance.

Thinking about renovating or have part of your house ripped apart? Drop your question about renovation planning the comments or contact me via email.


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