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Meet Julie

My Renovation Philosophy

Renovation should (and can) be easier.  But the whole process is designed around architects and contractors, not the homeowner.  I've designed Renovator's Toolkit to be uniquely the homeowner roadmap to renovation.  


I'm a homeowner just like you. I'm Julie Bennett. My story begins in 2017, my husband and I undertook our largest home renovation project to date.  We rebuilt our 1940s 2 bedroom bungalow to make room for our growing family.  It was stressful, over budget and ran into mid-project permitting issues that caused significant delays. 

I believe that many of the challenges we experienced were avoidable, and have built Renovator's Toolkit to help you build a great plan so you can figure out exactly what you want, avoid costly rework, and get moved into your dream home without delays.  

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