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Hey! The secret to turning IKEA kitchen cabinets into high-end modern cabinetry

Behind the scenes:

There is a wall in my basement that needs some attention. I’ve been at work finalizing designs for some new cabinetry.

My secret: Hej! The cabinet boxes are coming from IKEA. The cabinet fronts are coming from Reform.

I love a great system. And IKEA, well, they are pretty much aces at systems. Everything at IKEA is a system. That is why I was delighted to read about Reform in Dwell Magazine. They offer beautiful, modern cabinet door fronts (and now even their own cabinet boxes) at very reasonable price points.

I am the sample queen, so of course I ordered a bunch of sample cabinet and color styles. I was blown away by the quality. These cabinets are excellent value for the money. It is an upgrade from IKEA for sure, but the quality is exceptional and the styles can't be beat.

I was also blown way by the design. The cabinet not only look amazing, they feel thoughtful to the touch. If you are considering a kitchen remodel, I recommend ordering samples to see for yourself.

Below is a sneak peek into my basement cabinet design. It starts with the IKEA Kitchen Planner. It's not the easiest to navigate at first, but I got the hang of it once I figured out where everything is.

We have a large wall in our basement that we have plumbed for a sink. Our plan provides some counter space so it is conducive to entertaining in TV / playroom.

The toys. There are so many toys. Right now, despite my better efforts, it routinely looks like the toy box vomited all over the basement floor. You better believe I'm putting in lots of drawers and baskets to have a place to stow the toys.

Below, the design is transformed. The cabinet fronts and visible panels will be made by Reform. We're going with the BASIS design. Their service was great and I received prompt project estimates in under 24 hours from sending our designs.

The Hitch: European system cabinetry takes some time to cross the pond. Plan for a 14 to 18 week lead time.

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