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Your project plan is like your renovation's roadmap

Renovating without plans is like taking a cross country trip without a map. You may eventually arrive at your intended destination, but you won't likely take the most direct route.

  • It will cost more.

  • It will take more time.

  • You might not end up where you actually want.

  • There will surely be frustrations.

  • You may have to make some u-turns.

Let's roll with the trip analogy

How would you plan a cross country trip under these constraints: time, money and transportation?

You could:

  • Fly

  • Drive

  • Bicycle

  • Train

  • Bus

  • Walk

Renovating without plans is like taking a cross country trip without a map.  A traveler is planning his route in a notebook with his map, computer and phone.

Do you need more information to plan the details and understand how much it will cost and how long it will take? You still don't have all the information you need, right? There are still many variables and assumptions.

Flying may be the cheapest and fastest way to get across the country. But what if you also need to move your belongings? Or if your goal is to see as many national parks as possible along the way? Or maybe you have a specific not to exceed budget.

Did you notice what key piece of information you don't have yet? I haven't told you what two locations you are connecting yet. This is like the level of design detail.

The more specific the location information the better. It's the difference between connecting stated or cities versus specific addresses.

Envision your own cross country trip.

Where are you going? How would you get there? When you envisioned a cross country trip, what two destinations did you connect in your mind?

Envision what a cross country trip means to you.  Photo includes a country road lined with trees.

Below are two destinations I connected. Notice how each line gets increasingly specific and clear about where your journey begins and ends.

  • Washington to Florida

  • Seattle to Miami

  • Starbucks Seattle to Starbucks Miami (hmm..which ones?)

  • 2135 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109 to 2937 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33137

Did you make the same assumptions I did? I'm guessing probably not. You may be thinking, "Hello, Julie! I'm not even in the same country!"

Unless the plans are extremely clear and communicated, likely your vision and mine will make differing assumptions about where we're going, how we'll get there and how much it will cost. I left gaps in the information provided. Did you start making your own assumptions?

If you want them to meet you at a Starbucks in Miami, saying, "Meet me in Florida," isn't enough information. You're probably going to both be frustrated that he showed up in Tampa and you're in Miami.

This is like communicating with a contractor. You need detailed plans to communicate and manage to a goal under constraints. Identify and fill gaps in your renovation plans before you hire a contractor. A clear plan is key to making the most direct route to your finished renovation.


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