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Why you should share your dislikes with your architect

Unpopular opinion alert:

I can't stand farm house design. I'm so over it. I don't live on a farm and I am not rustic. I don't want anything rustic or farm house related in my home. No reclaimed wood. No shiplap. No extra embellishments and nothing that used to be in proximity to things that moo. Definitely no farm house siding patterns.

It probably would have been helpful if I'd shared that with my designer, right?

Find your vibes, neighbor. I love modern, mid-century and Scandinavian and Japanese. I'd say that's a different direction. What about you?

Sharing what you dislike is as important as sharing what you like.

It makes it clear what types of styles or elements should definitely not be included in your project. Sharing dislikes is like giving an architect a constraint to work around, like your budget and location. They will know styles or design choices to stay away from.

Check out their portfolio

I remember watching an episode of Fixer Upper where Joanna Gains met with clients about their design concepts. The husband in the show shared how much he disliked modern farm house design and that he was looking for something else.

Cool, me too bro, but probably he chose the wrong person for the job. I mean its Joana Gains, so she totally pulled it off in the end. Seriously, love her, but she wouldn't be my first choice to pull of Scandinavian-Japanese inspired interiors. It's not her jam. If you Google this style some pretty specific designers come up.

Do you see how sharing your dislikes as well as your likes helps you get what you're looking for? Really he was looking for a designer with a different portfolio to being with.

3 ways to share you dislikes

1. Make a dislikes Pinterest board and share a link along with styles you like

2. Label likes and dislikes with a sharpie in a magazine

3. Take a design finder quiz and share your results


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