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Renovator's Toolkit



Renovation made easier

You can turn your renovation dreams into reality without expensive rework, runaway budgets and living in a never ending construction zone.


There are a thousand decisions to make.  Renovator's Toolkit gives you the roadmap and action plan to make sure you nail down the details early - when you have the most leverage to negotiate with contractors.


Three years ago we started our biggest renovation project to date. We rebuilt and expanded our home in Seattle, Washington.  We navigated this process and learned some things the hard way.  I created Renovator' Toolkit to make the journey easier and more certain. 

Learn the key strategy to pulling off a successful home renovation.

Imagine your dream home.  
You can make it a reality.  

What's been stopping you?

You might be wondering...


“Where do I even start?”

“How will  I know my contractor isn’t going to scam me? 

Can I even afford this?

Renovator's Toolkit can help.

What if you could avoid 
rework just once?

How much could you save?

Change to zero entry shower on 2nd floor

Update drawings
+ $1000
+ $1500
Total avoidable cost

*Example from founder's  actual project

Modern Bathroom
Moving House

Renovate or Move

A mini course to help you decide if a renovation is right for you.

60 day 100% money back guarantee

Lakeside House

Dream House

Signature 6 week course to go from dream to real renovation plan.

60 day 100% money back guarantee

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