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Change orders bust budgets

Renovation budgets have a have a reputation for running away with themselves. There are a reasons this happens, but homeowners often unwittingly compound the issue. This can happen when you change your mind mid-project or make the project bigger by adding new work.

How do you avoid this problem?

That brings us to my renovation principle:

Make decisions upfront and stick to the plan.

That means don't change the tile and don't add new projects along the way.

Design sets are like a map.  Changes are like detours.

Analogy alert:

  • Design sets are like maps for your home improvement project. You use the plans to plot your course, stops and budget.

  • Mid-project changes are like last minute detours. They cost extra gas and make the trip longer. Sometimes you have to backtrack.

The bottom line: changes drive cost increases and delays. Stick to the plan to stay on budget and schedule.

About the author

Hey there neighbor, I'm Julie Bennett.

Hey neighbor, I'm Julie Bennett, founder of the Renovator's Toolkit. I'm a woman on a mission to make renovation easier for homeowners.  When you renovate for the first time,  you don't know what you don't know.  I am here to help you know what decisions to make and when so you can create your dream home.

I'm a homeowner turned renovator and a Seattle real estate agent. I'm a woman on a mission to make renovation easier. I had some "if I had only known" moments when renovating my homes. I started Renovator's Toolkit to help homeowners like you "know what you don't know."


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